Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Way to go - who is in?

For those who have seen European Commission President Barrosos's latest "State of the Union" speech it might not have surprised that there was not much coming from it. 40 minutes the well repeated blubber of the last years with the positive smile, that there has been a lot achieved in the past five years. I listened to it, but I am afraid that I did not find one single idea that has not been chewed the cud a hundred if not a thousand times in the last months. Regarding the fact that this was the last speech of the semi successful European Commission President in front of the current European Parliament it was lacking a vision. I wonder if this is fair to say, since all the politics in Brussels are lacking vision. Barroso's lack of vision is no isolated case. But for some strange reason I was still hoping for something ambitious, something which shows a sparkle in the night sky which is rising for the current Parliament and Commission. Wouldn't this have made more sense? Wouldn't it have shown that there were actual lessons that had been learned in the last years? Why so calm? Why so peaceful? Europe does not have any need for calm politicians in our days. It needs people with opinions, open minded and standing firm behind their words. Why is it that this is not understood in the current situation by the current politicians? 

On the other hand, has anyone of you seen the new campaign video "Act. React. Impact" of the European Parliament in order to raise awareness about the upcoming European Parliament elections in May 2014? It is nicely done. You can see that it was actually well thought through. The only thing that buggers me, after I have watched it several times and listened to it with people from many different EU countries is the that we all had the same impression, this bitter aftertaste. It doesn't really say what it wants us to do but much more forces us to say: "Make up your mind!" 
Regarding what this campaign costs I wonder a bit why the EP finally did decide against working together with civil society. This way, if others wouldn't collaborate with each other to promote the European Parliament elections in May 2014, a total, but quite costly fail would be guaranteed. 

What is going on in Europe? Why is there no consequence? Why is there so much talk about drawn lessons but no learned lesson? I was told to go into European politics, but does Europe really want this? Do people seriously want someone like me? If yes, who goes with me? Can we create a European party across Europe which is made of people who think pragmatic not ideological?

If so, please let me know. It seems that there is a need for an alternative towards the current.

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